I’ve been banned from Facebook for using the name Rainy Day. They asked for identification. I sent them a pic of two letters addressed to Rain Coille and a pic of the application for my name change to Coille Rain and they said they will email me after they have reviewed the info and reached a decision.

Worse comes to worse, I will have to temporarily use my birth (dead) name until the legal change comes through in August. Then hopefully I can provide my ID and they will let me back on with my chosen name.


They do not ban people for abusive violent videos but they ban me for a sweet silly name like Rainy Day. Meanwhile here is a watercolor painting of mine 18×24willowisps

Happy Mother’s Day

Even if your heart is broken like mine, I hope happiness finds you today. And know that they are always with you in spirit and in this way I mean their energy is still alive around you.

Sunflowers were my mother’s favorite.


Hello Again

imageI decided I will still post on this blog for now because it posts to my Twitter and Facebook and Google plus. I like that! If you want to take a road trip or you’re in the D.C. area I’m participating in a two day art show celebrating mental health awareness. I hope to see you there!


The End


I got my own website and it comes with a blog, so I will be journaling there from now on and including drawings and paintings that I will not offer for sale just so people can see more of what I do. It will be a place to keep records of my experiences and hopefully give you a little window into my world. So this blog will come to a rest but I won’t delete it. It’ll just be what it is and probably also be forgotten. The image is a pen and ink drawing I did for my friend’s book on Druidry in Belgium.

Almost there!


I’m working hard on finishing volume two of Trayvalle Tales. It should be only a couple more weeks, maybe three at the most! That’s one of the things keeping me very busy lately and so I apologize for neglecting anyone and for not writing like I promised. I intend to write some cards soon but I have to admit that I am pretty obsessed with this book right now. I am excited to have a hard copy in my hands and to reread the first volume followed by this one. Also I am very excited to start on volume three! I plan to change the look slightly by using watercolor paints and ink. I have to run some samples by the author first to get his approval. It fits with volume three, Siltana Sorcery, part two, a magical place with the Noit, a humanoid species made of thoughts and ideas. It will probably take another year for volume three to be finished but volume two is almost here and I hope you’re as excited as I am!

What the World Needs Now


I’m a big fan of love. I love love! I appreciate the romantic kind (although I’m not interested in that for myself anymore) and love to see people fall in love and celebrate their love and be partners who bring out the best in each other. It’s truly a beautiful thing. I also cherish friendship love which is the same thing pretty much anyway, but with slightly different rules. I love all my friends with all my heart and I don’t know where I’d be without them. I love other people’s friends as well. On social media, it’s pretty easy to get to know other people’s friends a little without ever even talking to them directly. I also think of family as friends. Some parents say they aren’t their kids friends but I think that’s wrong. We respect our friends (or at least we should and we should also respect our children). It is too often that we hear that children should respect their parents but we don’t hear that parents need to respect their kids. That is a mistake in love. The best love involves respect. I also think the love of nature is essential because it helps to keep the world healthy and beautiful. Unfortunately right now there is too much love of money and that has a negative effect on nature and in turn everyone on the planet. We must counteract this with calls to action, voting, volunteering and donating to organizations that fight the good fight. There also seems to be a love of guns and gun ownership and tragically we saw (and some of us experienced) the horrifying side effect of that. My thoughts go out to all those who lost someone today in Florida…and also to all those affected by war or other gun violence around the globe. We need to try to love peace more! We need to try to love solving problems in nonviolent ways. It is the only way to stop the madness. I think the greatest form of love is compassion. When you can empathize and sympathize with another and treat them kindly. It is not easy to be compassionate nor to forgive, but these two things are ingredients to the greatest form of love. It is the love that is taught all through history in every culture. The golden rule love.

What does the world need?


when does it need it?



Black & White


Digitally colored drawing of a swan either with a black swan or looking at its shadow self. I think sometime I will scan in the drawings and post them (they are without color, just black & white and maybe some grays). I was thinking about black & white and how easy it is for people to fall into the trap of thinking in those terms instead of giving value to all the shades in between. Gray can give an image some depth. When we look at things deeper it is easier to be compassionate instead of judging others. It is no easy task. It is especially difficult to think compassionately about those who exhibit hateful qualities. Some people just don’t deserve compassion but compassion is not about deserving or not deserving. Compassion is a gift you give to another by choice. I don’t always choose to be compassionate but it is the ideal for me. In order to do this I have to think of all angles and thank goodness I have good friends who help me to do that when I get stuck in anger. But I have to admit that I certainly do not love everyone and I am very disappointed in human beings in general because they have all this intelligence but instead they choose to think and speak and act in black & white creating a stark view of the world. I want to remind them that the world is so much more colorful than that! I just wish they would listen.