Great Home

First painting I have ready for my solo show this summer. Acrylic on canvas.image


I’ve been banned from Facebook for using the name Rainy Day. They asked for identification. I sent them a pic of two letters addressed to Rain Coille and a pic of the application for my name change to Coille Rain and they said they will email me after they have reviewed the info and reached a decision.

Worse comes to worse, I will have to temporarily use my birth (dead) name until the legal change comes through in August. Then hopefully I can provide my ID and they will let me back on with my chosen name.


They do not ban people for abusive violent videos but they ban me for a sweet silly name like Rainy Day. Meanwhile here is a watercolor painting of mine 18×24willowisps

Happy Mother’s Day

Even if your heart is broken like mine, I hope happiness finds you today. And know that they are always with you in spirit and in this way I mean their energy is still alive around you.

Sunflowers were my mother’s favorite.


Hello Again

imageI decided I will still post on this blog for now because it posts to my Twitter and Facebook and Google plus. I like that! If you want to take a road trip or you’re in the D.C. area I’m participating in a two day art show celebrating mental health awareness. I hope to see you there!


The End


I got my own website and it comes with a blog, so I will be journaling there from now on and including drawings and paintings that I will not offer for sale just so people can see more of what I do. It will be a place to keep records of my experiences and hopefully give you a little window into my world. So this blog will come to a rest but I won’t delete it. It’ll just be what it is and probably also be forgotten. The image is a pen and ink drawing I did for my friend’s book on Druidry in Belgium.